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I did a video on it! I would appreciate if you could give it a watch!

I loved the video! Its the funniest thing ive  seen so far.

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What was t-that I am banning This from steam

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batuhan çelikten gördüm geldim 

Yaw başka youtuber bulamadın mı

Vay, hic bilmedim o oynadini oyunu. Tessekurler haber verdin icin! Oyunu bir oylen yapdim espiri olarak, ve hic dusunmedim benden baska birisi oynardi.

Wtf is this, absolute garbage? Because that's what it looks like. You literally took Doom music and thought people wouldn't notice. That's just sad. You also just took sprites from Wolfenstein. 

dude this is raycasting game maker not game maker

Woah, it’s Raycasting Game Maker in the wild! Cool to see some people still know about this old engine.

wtf did I just play.

Calm the squid down.

that's a lot of intruders.